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Thank you to all who took part in last night's #DurbaNiteRace - YOU made it awesome, thank you for your lovely feedback (keep it coming)...will see you again on 2nd November' 18.

Now, if you know nothing about this race - simply put #ItsAFamilyThing. We strive to encourage families to be active and see the evening as family bonding time hence our awesome venue #UmhlangaSkiBoatClub and strap line "It's a Family Thing". We are also passionate about getting people off the couch and help them achieve their long desired Fitness goals...it's never too late to start.

About last night's race...what a night. History was made when we had - for the very first time ever - the youngest person to come first overall with a time of 24minutes 3seconds. His dad was right behind him pushing hard. Well done #MrTaylorJunior (only 3yrs old) ?. Dad #DuaneTaylor thank you for taking instructions from your son as he urged you to go faster while sitting comfortably in the Pram - determined and forced at being No.1 ... what a WINNER DurbaNiteRace...It's a Family Thing.

#NaomiZuma - you may have taken longer than everyone to finish but what matters is that you completed the distance and never considered giving up as an option - I commend you for this. Step by Step you are getting closer to your Fitness goal and we are here to help you #FindYourFit. Looking forward to running alongside you again to help you finish ❤

Thank you to our fabulous #Marshals - runners love your energy #KeepAtItTeam

#ZubSta what would I do without you - thank you Hun.

#Boss #CoachKev #RaceDirector - we thank you for finding and mapping the toughest yet enjoyable 5km route❤

See you all on 2nd November' 18 - Online Registration opens on Thursday 11th Oct' 18 on www.durbaniterace.co.za