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You Bet! Running in the dark in the city, we admit, seems a little sketchy...

BUT, deck out runners (experienced & inexperienced) with colourful apparel and you have a moving, living, breathing, light show! The conditions are set for a Family Run not necessarily a Personal Best (PB) and with Durban’s beautiful weather conditions and scenic views, this is fast becoming the most popular and colourful race ever as it brings families together and injects life back into the City. This initiative by Phindi Gule Marketing & Communications (Pty) Ltd supported by MiWay has taken Durban by storm.  "Through the DurbaNite Race, we hope to instill a culture of healthier lifestyles and encourage social cohesion. In line with the City's objectives as well as the Durbanites' wishes, we want to promote a liveable city by 2030, free of crime and grime, where people can walk and run freely at whatever time of day” – says Phindi Gule, founder of the DurbaNite Race

The 5km monthly race started in February 2015 with just over 500 runners and has to date grown to over 1000 runners and walkers alike. TThe flat, friendly and maybe fast course ran under Durban's beautiful skies is a safe and contained night ran on a comfortable surface.


The race comes alive with runners, amazing DJ’s announcers & dancers along the route and a healthy meal with friends/ family at the finish with music in the background. We all get that “glow” from running! We are now giving DurbanNites a chance to enhance it, take back the streets one kilometre at a time! Runners connect with one another and are always be inspired by how the city is the playground.

Participants are urged to light it up as much as they like, we encourage them to dress up in colourful gear, with glow necklaces, glow and light-up bracelets and glow face paint. The last 500m area lighting transforms all participants into an electrified field of happy runners and walkers alike as they take their last steps to finish the race!

Runners come out and have fun doing what they love - RUN - under the spell of the night with their friends and families. We also have plenty lucky draw prizes and entertainment at the finish to wrap up the evening.